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Citizenship Policy

Hillcrest Jr. High School
Citizenship Policy

Citizenship is based on attendance and classroom behavior.   The citizenship marks are as follows:
H = Honors
S = Satisfactory
N = Needs Improvement
U = Unsatisfactory
The default citizenship for all students is an S (satisfactory).
The criteria to earn an H (honors) in citizenship is as follows:

H- Honors
Attendance No more than 2 Tardies

No more than 7 excused absences or check in/out

No unexcused absences

Referrals No Referrals
Work Completion Consistently completes work on time
Participation/Follows Rules Pays attention , follows class rules without being reminded, and actively participates in classroom discussions

Honors citizenship will be entered at the midterm and final grading periods.
You can view your student’s citizenship grade and details online in the same place you check their grade by clicking on the citizenship letter.  Please refer to each teacher’s disclosure document for specific behaviors and points that affect the citizenship grade.
Attendance affects the citizenship in the following manner:

tardies = student will receive an S in citizenship.
tardies = student will receive an N in citizenship.
5 or more tardies = student will receive a U in citizenship.
More than 7 excused absences for illness, check in/check outs for illness  = student will receive a U in citizenship.
More than 5 excused parent absences for vacation, funeral, etc. = student will receive a U in citizenship.
More than 3 unexcused absences = student will receive a U in citizenship.

(If you do not have online access to your students grades, attendance and citizenship, please contact the HJH front office at 801-264-7442 to set one up.)

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