Dress Code

The dress code applies to all students.  Dress should never interfere with the learning environment of a school, be overly distractive, suggestive, revealing, or prove hazardous to the student’s safety or the safety of others and should be age appropriate.  The following is the Student Dress Code for the Murray City School District:

Dress Code (Board Policy PS 426)

  1. Clothing will not denigrate others on the basis of race, color, religion, creed, national origin, gender, age, sexual orientation or disability.
  2. Clothing, jewelry, accessories, or mode of appearance that denotes affiliation in any gang or violent group is prohibited.
  3. Clothing, jewelry, or accessories that advertise or advocate drugs, alcohol, or tobacco/nicotine are prohibited. Clothing, jewelry or accessories that pose a risk to self or others are not allowed.
  4. Clothing with obscene or suggestive images and/or messages is prohibited.
  5. Clothing shall cover undergarments, midriff, back, shoulders and cleavage at all times.  Any cuts/holes in clothing may not expose these or other revealing areas. Pants sagging below the hips are prohibited.  Sleeveless garments may be worn but must extend to the end of the shoulders and fit closely under the arms.
  6. Short shorts, short skirts, and short dresses are prohibited.  When seated, the length of shorts, skirt, or dress must be closer to the knee than the hip.
  7. Any clothing item that obscures the identification of a student or poses a hazard is prohibited.  While clothing such as hoodies, shirts/sweatshirts or coats may be worn, the hood portion may not be pulled up over or worn on the head in the building.
  8. Hats, visors, and bandanas shall not be worn in the building except for medical or religious purposes.
  9. Shoes must be worn during school at all times.

Consequences for Dress Code Violations
Students referred to the office for dress code violations will be given the option of calling home for a change of clothes or changing into clothing provided by the school.  Students will not be allowed to return to the class until they have changed into appropriate clothing and/or are in compliance with the dress code.  Repeat offender will be subject to a parent conference and/or suspension from school.

Physical Education Dress Code
Uniforms for PE class are required.  Girls must be in plain navy blue shorts and a plain light blue shirt.  Boys must be in plain navy blue shorts and a plain gray shirt.  Uniforms can be purchased from the front office.