Hillcrest Jr. High School National Junior Honor Society (NJHS)
2017 Membership applications are currently being accepted from 8th and 9th grade students. 7th grade applications will be submitted at the completion of the first semester.

APPLICATION Available now.

The National Junior Honor Society is a school service organization that is in part based on a students’ academic achievements.  Selection for membership is done by a Faculty Council and is based on outstanding scholarship, leadership, service, character, and citizenship. Once selected, members have the responsibility to continue to demonstrate these qualities.

The Hillcrest Junior High National Junior Honor Society is a service organization for outstanding students. The HJH NJHS members coordinate and conduct service projects for the benefit of students at HJH and the Murray community as well.

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Eligibly Requirements
Requirements for candidates that are eligible for selection to this chapter must:
–  Be in attendance for one semester at Hillcrest.
–  Have a minimum GPA of 3.700 in all their classes.
–  No U citizenship grades in any class.
–  Meet the requirements of service, leadership and be of good character.

Selection Process
1. The NJHS Advisors will receive a GPA report of the HJH students that have a 3.700 GPA or higher. These students become potential candidates. The students are notified of their eligibility and are invited to apply.
2.  A meeting will be held at school for all students meeting the GPA requirement. At this meeting, the students will be given a packet that they need to fill out. Students MUST turn the packet in by the deadline.
3. Students turn their completed packet into the NJHS Advisor.
4. All fully completed packets will then be presented to the NJHS Faculty Council for their approval.

Application Packets (click here)
The student is to fill this form out and return it to the NJHS Advisor by the due date of OCTOBER 26, 2017.  No late paperwork will be accepted. This paperwork is to include at least one (1) letter of recommendation from a member of the community. Completed student packets with their application forms and letters of recommendation, are presented to the NJHS Faculty Council for final approval.  The NHJS Faculty council will review applications and approve individuals for membership. New members will be notified of their acceptance into the HJH National Junior Honor Society by the faculty and a letter of congratulations is sent home to their parents.  A formal induction ceremony will follow.

Membership Requirements
Once selected, members have the responsibility to continue to maintain the qualities of scholarship (3.700 GPA) citizenship, character, leadership and service.  If a member drops below any of the eligibility requirements, they will be removed from the NJHS.  Members will be required to perform community service each semester.

NJHS Community Service Opportunities and Ideas

Please submit any ideas or ongoing projects to Mrs. Thurman.