Family Conference Links (Monday, 2.26, 3:30-7:00pm)

Instructions: Click on the link for the teacher you wish to meet with. Each teacher has enabled their waiting room to ensure student privacy. Please be patient. Meetings should be no longer than 5 minutes. Thank you for taking an active role in your student’s education.


Abbott: LINK

Allred: LINK

Binggeli: LINK

Blimes: LINK

Bowen: LINK

Cole: LINK

Curtis: LINK

Elder: LINK

Emal: LINK

Fish: LINK

Flood: LINK

Foster: LINK

Fromm: LINK

Haight: LINK

Hall: LINK

Hanks: LINK

Heck: LINK

Jewkes: LINK

Kimball: LINK

Lami: LINK

Lever (Ms. Z): LINK

McKinney: LINK

Mercer: LINK

D. Park: LINK

J. Park: LINK

Parker: LINK

Phillips: LINK

Rose: LINK

Scoville: LINK

Shields: LINK

G. Smith: LINK

Stark: LINK

Talebreza (Ms. T): LINK

Thurman: LINK

Tillotson (Mr. Ben): LINK

Tobler: LINK

Vermetten (Ms. M): LINK

Wadley: LINK

Wilson: Email, to schedule a call.


If you would like to speak to an administrator, please send them an email to arrange a time to call. 

Dr. Claustina Mahon-Reynolds (principal):

Mr. Sam Salinas (assistant principal, Español):            

Mrs. Lia Smith (assistant principal):  


If you would like to speak to your student’s counselor, please call their extension below. If they are unavailable, please leave a voicemail and they will get back to you as soon as possible.

Stott (last names A-H): 801-264-7442 ext. 7175

Alder: (last names I-R): 801-264-7442 ext. 7164

Rizzuto: (last names S-Z): 801-264-7442 ext. 7174


If your student meets with a social worker or the school psychologist, please email them to schedule an appointment.

Ms. Faithe:

Ms. Courtney:

Ms. Blaire: