9th Grade Plan for College and Career Readiness Parent Meeting – SIGN UP NOW

The Counselors will be meeting individually with all 9th graders and their parents between January 3rd through the 28th. The purpose of this very important meeting is to:

·         Discuss current academics

·         Discuss 4-year plan for high school & review graduation requirements

·         Discuss registration for 10th grade

·         Discuss financial preparedness for college

·         Discuss academic preparedness for college

Parents – please schedule a time for this PCCR with your student by doing the following:

·         Click in the 9th grade PCCR scheduling link at the bottom of this page.

·         Choose HILLCREST JR HIGH and click GO

·         The password is: hillcrest (all lower case)

·         Enter your student’s ID number or use the lookup feature to find your student’s ID number

·         Follow the prompts to complete the scheduling

The online schedule will be available from December 10th until January 25th to schedule your individual appointments. There will be some evening availability, contact your student’s counselor directly to schedule. If you do not sign up for an appointment, the Counselors will still meet with your student to discuss this information. If you have any questions, please contact the Counseling Center at 801-264-7494.  

Students with the last names:

A-Hi – Mrs. Stott (wstott@murayschools.org)

Ho-Sa – Ms. Alder (kalder@murrayschools.org)

Sc-Z – Ms. Rizzuto (arizzuto@murrayschools.org)