Tardy Policy
Because the staff at Hillcrest Jr. High feels students should learn the importance of punctuality, a school-wide tardy policy has been adopted.  Tardies in a class each term will affect the citizenship grade and receive a consequence as follows:

  • 3 Cumulative/Total = Parent notified (this letter).
  • 3 In a Class = Student will receive an S in citizenship.
  • 4 In a Class = Student will receive an N in citizenship.
  • 5 In a Class = Student will receive a U in citizenship.
  • 6 In a Class = Classroom Consequence.
  • 7 Cumulative/Total = 1 Lunch Detention.
  • 10 Cumulative/Total = 2 Lunch Detentions.
  • 15 Cumulative/Total = 2 periods ISS (in school suspension) & Lunch Detention.
  • 20 Cumulative/Total = 4 periods ISS & Lunch Detention
  • 25 Cumulative/Total = All day ISS or OSS (out of school suspension).

In order for a student to be on-time to class, they must be in their seat when the bell rings.  Any student who is ten or more minutes late to any class without a written excuse will be considered truant.  Students and parents need to understand that citizenship affects eligibility for participation in various school activities.

Hall sweeps will be conducted randomly for tardy students.