All current 6th graders registering for 7th grade next year:

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All current 7th graders registering for 8th Grade Next Year:

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All current 8th graders registering for 9th Grade Next Year:

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If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to your counselor!

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Aspire Accounts

Please be aware that the Aspire Student Information System has two types of accounts to access this system.

Student Account. There is a student account that is meant for the student to access their grades. The username for this account is the student ID number. Students cannot register.

Parent Account. There is a parent account that is meant for parents and guardians only. The username and password are created by the parent. Registration is done through a parent account. Parents have access to view grades, attendance, emergency contacts, lunch balances, assessment scores, as well as edit some information. There is a “subscribe” button that can be clicked if you would like automatic emails regarding your student’s progress. Do not share your login information with your student, and do not include your student’s personal cell phone number anywhere in this system.

If you are not sure if you have a parent account, or if you can’t remember your username, please call the school where your student will attend, or 801-264-7471. If you do not have a parent account, you can create one on the Aspire homepage.

Common Mistake. While registering in Aspire, watch for the “Contacts” section and make sure  to “+Add New Contact” so that both/all parents are listed (if applicable). Parents should not be listed in the “Emergency Contacts” section.

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